Mainstreaming Gender Equity in YESSO


Promoting gender equity in YESSO is an acceptable development strategy for reducing poverty levels among women and men and improving health and living standards of the poor and vulnerable. YESSO is promoting gender equality in all the 4  component ( 1) social safety nets systems (2)Public work fare( PWF) (3) Skills for Job , (4) Targeted grand Transfer (TGT).


Mainstreaming gender into all stages of the project and program activities starting from staffing, Community Based Targeting Team,(CBTT) Enumerators, up to selection of beneficiaries.  Mainstreaming essentially offers a pluralistic approach that values the diversity among people of different genders.


One of the key issues militating against gender equity is  Gender Base Violence.  It  has also become a major issue in YESSO in recent times reflecting the extent to which women’s are threatened and violated in the work place. YESSO is seriously, working to enlighten beneficiaries against such treat at work place or homes. Relevant officers are working hard to bring to the knowledge of every beneficiaries of YESSO to guard against such acts. Part of deliberate effort to ensure beneficiaries are kept in know various forms of GBV abuses which include:- 


The misuse of power through which the perpetrator gains control or takes advantage of the abused and causing physical, sexual or psychogical harm or inflicting fear of that harm.


Physical Abuse: any act or conduct which can cause bodily pain, harm or danger to life, limb, or health or which impairs the health or development of the victim: and includes assault, criminal intimidation and criminal force.


Referral: is a recommendation to consult a( Professional)person or group for appropriate service. 


While the survivor refer to both individuals who have just emerged from GBV situation, as well as those who have gradually begun to adapt /internalize coping and reintegration mechanisms.




The project beneficiaries has been well informed to understand all the likely cases of GBV and they have been sensitize to note the followings when GBV cases occur:- 


  • Personal disclosure by a survivor or information concerning an incidents of GBV
  • Disclosure by a caretaker /relative/ parent/guardian 
  • Any party who has knowledge or information concerning an incident or indents of GBV
  • A report by a healthcare provider


Gender and Vulnerable Officers has been tasked in every PIUs to identify to perform the following task in any reported cases of GBV:


  • Explain to the survivor the services that are available to them, including the channels for psycho-social support .
  • The survivor is given an option of having a his person in the room during examination process.
  • Date of last incident of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Carry out forensic examination, physical examination and genital examination 
  • Document all feedback obtained in respect of the survivor in the abuse report
  • Perform routine laboratory test.
  • Schedule follow up with survivor.

At this stage the survivor can be referred to the  specialized unit eg. Hospital and security agencies for appropriate actions