Environmental and Social Safeguards are essential tools for preventing and mitigating undue harm to people and their environment in the development process. When identifying and designing a project, safeguards will help to assess the possible environmental and social risks and the impacts (positive or negative) associated with a developmental intervention.

YESSO is operating on World Bank Safeguard Operational Policies, two (2) are trigger by the YESSO programme they are OP 4.01 Environmental Assessment and OP4.09 Pest Management. YESSO has gone through so many restructuring thereby reducing some various component that may likely cause significant environmental and social impact.

The programme has been designed to provide alternative means of livelihood while  supporting the poor and vulnerable groups in the country, the programme will therefore enhance social cohesion, improve good standard of living, promote peace while ameliorate condition of devastating member of communities which has been ravage by the insurgency and broken economic downturn in the country.

YESSO programme will improve environmental quality through its component on Public Workfare (PWF)  which is geared towards engaging the youth in various participating communities in street cleaning exercise, vegetation control, traffic management etc.

A large number of safeguards measure has been put in place during and after the engagement of beneficiaries e.g. Health and safety briefs during the internship for Skill for Job, adequate sensitization and security awareness for the CBT team member, environmental awareness while conducting any programme of activities in a fragile communities prone to flooding and security threats.

Under the programme, code of conduct was developed for all the   beneficiaries, they are constantly reminded to observed health and safety precautions in order to guarantee their safety during the course of the programme. Few of the safety briefs to the beneficiaries includes but not limited to the following are:- 

The need for them to report all near misses, incidents, injuries and illnesses immediately and any unsafe tools, equipment or hazardous conditions to their supervisors;

The need to wear the required personal protective equipment necessary for the job.  Safety glasses are required as minimum eye protection on all jobsites.

Why they should always know the emergency action plan for your jobsite. 

Precaution on all warning signs and barricades within their working environment.

They should always Inspect all equipment, scaffolds, ladders, lifts, etc. before using and If found to be defective the need to be remove or call the attention of Headman

Beneficiary are warn not to perform horseplay or rowdy play or pranks that occur at the workplace of any kind.

Firearms on the job are prohibited.


Fig 1.

ESSG is a compliance tool on the programme and it has ensure in keeping track on the programme progress and so far no major significant or adverse environmental and social impact has been recorded.