Bauchi State


As one of the front runners of YESSO operations, Bauchi state is involved in every aspect of the program. It has 73,055 poor and vulnerable households in its Single/Social Register after the completion of ten (10) rounds CBT/SR with 391,360 individuals made up of 208,393 male and 182,967 females. As a North East State, it has 76,827 households (HHs) in the Unified Register of Beneficiaries (URB) with 108,221 individuals disaggregated by gender 54,606 male and 53,615 females. The URB register carters for the internally displaced persons as a result of the insurgency in the north east region.


Bauchi state is in north-east of Nigeria. Its capital is the city of Bauchi. The state was created in 1976 when the former north-eastern state was broken up. It originally included the area now in Gombe state, which became a distinct state in 1996. Bauchi state has 84.0% poverty rate in 2009-2010 by (NBS) 73% in 2015 by the Nigeria venture Africa (NVA). According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Bauchi was ranked among the state that are poor. Statistics shows that majority of the residents in Bauchi lack the basic amenities of life. The mortality rate recorded after the various insurgent attack is overwhelming. The state has a total population of 4.6 million people (1991 Census), though population density has nearly doubled since then. Bauchi State is one of the earliest States that keyed into the Federal Government’s World Bank Assisted social safety net intervention project titled ‘Youth Employment and Social Support Operations (YESSO).


The aim of YESSO Project is to target the poorest of the poor and vulnerable groups using a time-tested Community driven exercise tagged ‘Community Base Targeting'(CBT). The CBT process triggers community into selecting poorest of the poor amongst them in an open and transparent manner. Households selected are captured into a social safety net register - Social Register (SR) for purpose of mining potential beneficiaries of intervention in human capital development. So far Bauchi state SR has conducted 10 rounds of CBT/SR, covering 1,920 Communities across the State, with a total number of 73, 055 poor and vulnerable households has been generated across the 20 LGAs. Also 391, 360 poor and vulnerable individuals generated in the SR, with Male individuals accounting for 208,393, while Female individual stand at 182, 967 respectively. 23, 548 beneficiaries were mined by the Public Work Fare Component of the YESSO Project. These beneficiaries are being paid 7,500 Naira every month for providing menial services in their respective communities.


Another component of the project that attracted beneficiaries from the register is the Skills for Jobs (S4J) with about 3.148 beneficiaries being trained in skills vocation of their choice, which a starter pack is given to them after the training.


A total of 1379 youths were mined for third cycle from the following Local Government, Tafawa Balewa, Giade and Dambam Local Government, 1095 were verified and documented 1078 completed orientation and sector specific skills Training 1073 completed entrepreneurship skill Training, and 1060 for NABTEB modular Examination awaiting result. Finally a total 2267 were mined in the fourth cycle in the following Local Governments Bogoro, Warji and Darazo, 1000 were verified and documented a total 993 completed orientation a total 991 completed sector specific skills training, 986 youth completed Entrepreneurship skills training, 995 life skills training while 977 were deployed for internship and also sat for NABTEB exam which are expected to receive Starter Packs for their different endeavours to enable them become self-employed and subsequently employers of labour. Also, the Cash Transfer Unit (CTU), another social safety net intervention mined over 23,000 beneficiaries in the Bauchi State YESSO Social Register. This intervention empowers beneficiaries, especially poor and vulnerable households with Cash to enhance their food consumptions. The Targeted Grant Transfer (TGT) is another component that mined its beneficiaries from Bauchi State Unified Register of Beneficiaries (URB). The TGT is mainly concerned with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) taking refuge in the state. The aim of the (TGT) is to target IDPs willing to go back to their original communities if they are safe or any community of their choice that is safe to resettle, where a total N200, 000.00 is given to beneficiaries in 4 tranches if they satisfy very mild condit5ions of relocation to enable them start a trade when they get back to their various communities. So far, 13, 708 beneficiaries had benefited from the intervention (N30, 000.00/HH as the initial basic tranche out of the N200, 000.00 meant for each HH if they relocate and resettle.


The Special Grant Transfer (SGT) in another intervention under the YESSO Project that targets the aged and the physically challenged handicap where N20, 000/individual/quarter is being given. So far 1, 526 were mined from Bauchi URB and are currently benefiting from the quart5erlycash support. It is sufficed to say YESSO Project is impacting positively towards enhancing living standards of beneficiaries in Bauchi State, particularly in the remote areas of the State. In Bauchi state the single register (SR) is 57,815 number of households 278,964 individuals 149,993 male 128,971 females. While in the unified register (URB) has 20 LGAs 339 communities 76,827 households 108,221 individuals 54,606 male 53,615 females. Targeted grant transfer (TGT) payment in Bauchi has 76,827 number of households, household payment to the TGT beneficiaries, basic households 13,708 and none relocated so are not eligible for the other 3 tranches payment Special grant transfer (SGT) has 20 LGAs 339 communities, 1,526 approved beneficiaries 1,281 total number of aged beneficiaries 65 and above mined A 907 male, 374 females, 245 total number of physically challenged beneficiaries 18-64 years mined B 141 male 104 females, 1,526 total number of beneficiaries (A+B)=(C) 1,526 total beneficiaries paid (D), nil Attrition Nos (C-D). In the public workfare (PWF) 49,738 total of number of mined from single register (SR) 23,548, total validated/enrolled 23,548 total paid up to date, 10,613 male 12,935 females. Skills for job beneficiaries in Bauchi 3,148.


The overall achievements in Bauchi state has increased the level of consumption among beneficiaries of the various YESSO programme. Empowered youths from poor households in different skills. It has improved security of infrastructures at Community level. Resettlement of Internally displaced persons from trouble spots. YESSO activities Reduces Rural Urban Migration of Youths. Engaged Youths and Women around their various Communities. Changed the Social Status of Youths and Women in Various Communities. YESSO enable Youths and Women have access to Basic things of Life i.e. Touch light, Hand Set, Radio etc. Economic growth in the area of Farming and rearing of Livestock’s