Adamawa State


Adamawa State YESSO is operational in the 21 local government areas of the state. It is also in 482 communities. The State Single Register has 51,523 households and the total number of 192,904 individuals out of which male are 95,719, and 97, 185 are females. The Unified Register of Beneficiaries (URB) used for the mining of beneficiaries for Targeted Grant Transfer has 20,805 HHs with 115,793 individuals out of which 14, 861 HHS have benefited from the basic transfer of N30, 000 with no relocation grant paid yet. For the Special Grant Transfer. 7,523 were enrolled in the state to receive the N20, 000 quarterly disbursement in all the 21 local government areas and 401 communities.


Adamawa state is a state in the northeastern Nigeria, with its capital at Yola. In 1991, when Taraba state was carved out from Gongola state, the geographical entity Gongola state was renamed Adamawa state, with four administrative division, Adamawa, Michika, Ganye, Mubi, and Numan. The state in recent times has suffered the attacks of the Boko Haram BH terrorist and this has in many ways hindered economic development and that contributed to the state’s 74.2% of poverty rating. The establishment of State Operations Coordinating Unit (SOCU) in November, 2016 informed the introduction of (YESSO) Youth Employment and Social Support Operation on April, 2017 and the project was disbursement effective on September, 2017. YESSO is a World Bank Assisted Program that came to Adamawa State following the signing of Subsidiary Loan Agreement (SLA) between the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of finance and Government of Adamawa State.


The Project kick started with the mandate to identify the poor and vulnerable households through a defined and credible process of Community Based Targeting (CBT) and Enumeration initially using Paper Aided Personal Interview (PAPI) and subsequently evolved to Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI). The objective is to increase access of the Poor and Vulnerable using a Safety-Net System to generate Youth Employment Opportunities in all participating States and to provide Targeted Grant Transfer (TGT) to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) especially those in camps in the State and North-East region. The components that are operating in Adamawa state are Public Workfare (PWF) Skill for Job (S4J) Targeted Grant Transfer (TGT) and Special Grant Transfer (SGT) to the aged and physically challenge individuals in the state. The achievement of the above component is to deliver to the desire targets which requires a systematic coordination of the SOCU/YESSO to facilitate and interface logically. Presently operation is ongoing in the 21 LGA’s of the state, involving 1,510 communities in the SR Register while 851 communities in the URB Register. The beneficiaries of the YESSO project in Adamawa State were drawn from the above SR and URB across the 21 LGA’s. It is only in S4J that only 2 LG’s are participating which is Yola-North and Yola-South as received from the SOCU office of the state. All the beneficiaries of the project have been receiving their stipend up to date.


The single register in Adamawa state sums up to a total of 51,523 households with 192,904 individuals out which 95,719 are male while 97,185 are female. In the Unified register (URB) which have covered the 21 LGAs, 482 communities 20,805 households and the total number of individuals is 115,793 out which male are 58,574 and 57,219 females. As for the Targeted Grant Transfer (TGT) the number of households are 20,805 while the HHs payment (N30, 000.00) basic transfer for the TGT beneficiaries is 14,861 with no relocation. As for the Special Grant Transfer (SGT) Adamawa has 21 LGAs 401 communities, enrolled SGT beneficiaries are 7,523 persons, the total number of beneficiaries (A) from the age of 65 and above 2,655 male 1,519 and 1,136 females. While the total number of the beneficiaries mined (B) from the age of 18 to 64 is 4,868 male 2,589 while female 2,279 the total beneficiaries (A+B) = (C) 7,523 and 6,929 (N20, 000.00/HH/quarter the total beneficiaries paid (D) Attrition Nos (C-D). In the public workfare (PWF) the total mined from the (SR) 16,200 while the total validated/enrolled 14,985 and total paid up to date 14,985 (N7, 500/beneficiary/month) male 8,225 while 6,760 females. Then skills for job (S4J) component beneficiaries enrolled in the state is 396 and they are also paid N7, 500/month.


Adamawa state Youth Employment and Social Support Operation has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Adamawa State Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Development in three key strategic areas to encourage sustainability of YESSO after it exit 2020 namely: Environmental Sanitation, Tree planting campaign and House to house Hygiene awareness.